Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What is Trichotomy? Intelligence and the Holy Place / Part 6


After classifying the human trichotomy in three segments; Instinct, Intelligence, and Intuition - I proceeded in detailing the first segment (instinct) and correlating it to the outer court of the biblical temple.
Today we move on to Intelligence, associating it with the Holy Place of the temple. Intelligence is motivated by the need to reason. It comprises of Intellect: the faculty of reasoning and learning objectively, esp. with regard to abstract or academic matters. Memories resides here - Emotions: is the catalyst to direct or indirect action - Will: is the apparent ability through reasoning to make free choices. It should be noted that there are some that believe that free will is not free at all. They believe that it is a mix of chance and determination. I argue that chance and determination do exist but only as an agent of possible influence. In other words they can have an impact to my choice but I chose to let this happen.
In the example I used two lessons ago, I stated that you had a house nestled in a thick forest. The first year in your new house, you experienced a fire for the first time of your life. In that scenario you didn't have any experiences to draw from so you ventured out to investigate the fire. Your neuro-net lit up as you approach the fire and you instictively reacted and fled to safety. Now in this second scenario, you observe another forest fire but on the north side of your property. This time you will not go out to investigate. You draw from an earlier experience, absorbing the panic you felt, the heat that discomforted you and you make an assessment. You decided to take action. Go to a safer place until the fire passes. You collated past events and applied intelligent reasoning. Your will is what seperates action from reaction. It also collates information from your spiritual (conscience) side. The Intelligence is the crossroad between the physical and the spiritual. It should harbour a healthy balance between both areas.

The Holy Place
The Holy Place is located between the outer-court and the Most Holy Place of the tabernacle. In Jewish tradition only priests can enter into Holy Place. The commen man must remain outside in the outer court for a special reverance exist inside the temple. As man cannot trespass into the sacred area, the same could be said about instinct attempting to usurp the authority from the intelligence centre. As an example, you have an upcoming public speaking engagement that you are dreading. You have misinterpret the event as a threat by negatively stimulating your emotions and corrupting your reasoning. Subsequently an instinctive reaction is created. You flee and avoid the presentation.
A higher order resides in both the Holy Place and also your Intelligence Centre, better known as your Soul.  The Holy Place had incense burning symbolizing prayers and intercession of the people going up to God as a sweet fragrance. The Holy Place as well as your Intelligence are places of comteplation and meditation. It must not be cluttered with irrational fear.

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