Friday, 10 June 2011

Improving Your Self-Esteem / PART 4

You are what you think!’
 Let us interact! Oh the mighty computer! Cyber-everything! No need to go out and physically socialize with anyone these days, when I can reach out and interact with a cyber-friend, cyber-date, or even a cyber-family. I can meet them in a cyber-club and shoot the cyber-breeze. A complete social package created by ones and zeroes. It can feel good and safe but it is an artificial world. And if this cyber-activity is not seasoned with physical interaction it will lead to a fantasy world resulting in poor self esteem. And self esteem dictates the quality of life you live.

Set the computer aside and be inspired by real people. Then inspire them. It will strenghten your self-esteem.

No. 7   Inspiration
Surround yourself in all the things that inspire you. How can you feel good about yourself if you live with undesireable activities or lifestyle? Take charge, even if you cannot leave your present grind at work, find hobbies and activities that are stimulating and enjoyable to do. Physically attend professional and/or hobby clubs and socialize with one of your kind. Remain inspired!

No. 8   Be true to your own dreams
You are an INDIVIDUAL! Live your own life. It’s okay to be inspired by someone but not preoccupied with obtaining their approval. Decision-making purely based on outside approval is problematic and plays havoc on your self-esteem. You must holdfast to your beliefs and dreams. Be true to yourself and you will watch your self-esteem rise to new height. Dare to live your own life in the physical realm! 
There are 12 tips in this lesson. The remainder will follow soon.
© 2011 Unlimited Harmony - Tricotomas

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