Monday, 31 December 2012

The Sovereignty of Love

Like Adam and Eve, many people today have lost their confidence in their 'Internal Resource' and have forfeited there faith for the primitive trait of fear. Short-term fear can be beneficial however long-term fear is destructive and hinders benevolent love.
Introduction of Fear at Eden -Tricotomas
With or without your approval, I love you. With or without your favours, I love you. With or without your friendship, I love you. With or without you, I love you.” -Tricotomas

This type of fear torments and brings unrest to your inner-being. Unfortunately fear has become a natural default setting for many. In the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve lost confidence (a form of fear) with their Creator and uprooted their internal peace by surrendering to the temptation of the serpent. A seed of fear had been planted in their heart. The first couple erroneously concluded that they were somehow inadequate and that 'the tree of the knowledge of good and evil' would make them as wise as God.

People do not normally dabble into another system unless they feel the first is lacking. The serpent appealed to the couple's desires and not to their necessities. A necessity can look rather humdrum in relation to a desire. Our carnal side often craves for desires while our conscience is content with needs.

Adam and Eve disregarded the Creator's instruction by yielding to their desires. As a result of their action, long-term fear had displace faith. Without faith (anticipation of a beneficial outcome) there can't be true love. People imprisoned by fear must govern themselves accordingly through a conditional love and a conditional peace. Behaviour is controlled by the reward and punishment system. This method has the individual asking 'what do I stand to lose or win by my action?' You are kept in check by the proverbial carrot that dangles before you while the ravenous wolf nips at your heel. The system controls your action. While people who live in faith governs themselves lovingly with no conditions. They don't need any motivation to treat others with respect for their love is unconditional. With or without your approval, I love you. With or without favours, I love you. With or without your friendship, I love you. With or without you, I love you.

Love controls your action. Love is sacrificial, forever serving. If you serve fear, you're a prisoner and an oppressor. If you serve love you are sovereign and a friend.

In God's Love

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