Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fast Facts on Endorphins and Dopamine

  • Endorphin is a morphine-like substance found inside the body.
  • Endorphins are produced by activities such as meditation, deep breathing,  laughter, eating spicy food, or even receiving acupuncture treatments.
  • The term endorphin rush refer to the state of exhilaration brought on by pain, danger, or other forms of stress.
  • Endorphin has the ability to control persistent pain.
  • Endorphins appears to control the craving for chocolate and other potentially addictive substances.
  • Endorphins control stress and frustration.
  • Endorphins regulate the production of growth and sex hormones.
  • Endorphins helps reduce symptoms associated with eating disorders.
  • Scientists have found that beta-endorphins can activate human  the 'Natural Killer' cells andcharge the immune system against diseases and reported to destroy cancer cells.
  • Prolonged exercise like running, long-distance swimming, aerobics, cycling or cross-country skiing may contribute to an increased production and release of endorphins.
  • And finally; the blissful feeling one often experiences after making love is due to the production of endorphins. Endorphin production can increase 200% from the beginning to the end of sexual intimacy. So go ahead and release those endorphins.

    ===================================================================  DOPAMINE 
  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, one of those chemicals that is responsible for transmitting signals in the brain.
  • Dopamine neurons deals with the brain's reward system. Dopamine neurons become activated when something good happens unexpectedly, such as the availability of food.
  • Most abused drugs cause the release of dopamine and this is thought to contribute to their addictive properties.
  • Replenish your body of dopamine by eating protein and dairy-rich foods such as cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, lean red meat, milk, yogurt and low-fat cheeses of all types.
  • Exercise 30 minutes or more a day to increase dopamine levels. Walking or jogging daily encourages the brain to produce dopamine naturally.
  • Getting a massage helps. Touching promotes dopamine production. Even less formal "touching" such as an affectionate hug can also temporarily raises dopamine levels. So get more hugs and massages to naturally increase dopamine levels.
          "It certainly can't hurt!"

It is the writer's intent to simplify the above issue. Much more could have been written on the subject.

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