Wednesday, 25 July 2012

At the center of your universe

As I have discovered late in life, everyone is regulated by a self-imposed set of values. Whether their values are stringent or liberating, everyone without exception has placed a lower case 'g' god at the center of their universe. Whether this lesser god is a vocation or an addiction, or whether it is
What is at the doorway of your heart?
philosophical or humanistic in nature, we have all bestowed a mantle of supremacy to a central anchor. Some people regulate their lives around laws and social contracts, while still others are guided by supreme love. There are many that may profess a high standard of values while in fact their actions betrays their verbal allegiance. Who wants to admit that their central anchor is a bottle of whiskey, work, or anything less desirable then an orderly system. But no matter how you cut it, your lower case 'g'-god rules your life. You cannot expect to outlive, outshine, or reign over your current idol unless you are dissatisfied by its results and are resolve to abandoned it altogether. Think about it. You will acquire your center's attributes regardless how efficient or deficient they may be. If your moral centre is an addiction, then your keystone habit is first in your life. It takes precedent in your life and your family. Consequently your set of morals will conform to the standard of your lesser god. After-all you are a product of your inner-core values. Until you feel the need to rebuff your idol, you are a shadow of its character, its strengths and its weaknesses. You are the sum total of your anchoring god. No matter what this moral anchor looks like it will directly or indirectly govern your behaviour and consequently your life. Only a strong inner set of values can yield a formidable character. Unfortunately, more often then none, society will support a value system that was produced from the the reward and punishment system (human conditioning process).

Reward & Punishment is a system that governs the people. It is dependent on enticement or persuasion and tends to feed the individual's ego with desires or it attempts to manipulate the ego through fear. It does not necessarily seek long-term results and prefers short-term pleasures. Our lesser god, the central anchor (in this case a social contract) will reward us when we do right or punish us when we go astray. Here's a glass of wine for good behaviour or a glass of vinegar when we falter. Or maybe its a pat on the back for good work or a slap on the hand for misconduct. It is purely conditional. You are unable to function accordingly without a reward in sight or without the fear of being punish when you do wrong. So within the confinement of this system, the only way we primates can govern ourselves accordingly is by chasing the dangling banana in front of us (reward) while a ravenous lion gives chase behind us (consequence or punishment). Albert Einstein, arguably one of this planet most brilliant mind in history stated that “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” There must be a better way.

Most certainly there is. The alternate to the reward and punishment system is the beneficial principal. It governs itself lovingly. The beneficial principal seeks advantageous long-term results. It is sacrificial, supportive, and grateful of others. It will accept pain if it promotes long-term stability for itself, its social cell and social cell-cluster. It will reject short-term pleasures if it does not produce long-term beneficial results. It is motivated to love and to live in peace.

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” 
~Mother Teresa

It does not require a reward or fear to keep them in line because it esteem all life and relationships. It would not nor could not ruin an individual and its livelihood. A person with genuine love benefits from altruistic acts of benevolence. Mother Teresa was quoted as saying; “let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” The beneficial principal gives unconditionally and don't look back. This precept is rooted in the golden rule that has been taught by the wise through out history. It crosses all philosophical, religious, and humanistic boundaries. It is the only way and the truth to life.
Choose to govern yourself lovingly! Choose to anchor yourself with the greater god; the God of Love.

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