Saturday, 25 August 2012

Never Give Up on Love

Love is a beneficial act of edification. It is the thread that is interwoven in the fabric of life since the dawn of its conception. It serves only to empower and to enrich its bearers and not to destroy.
However it may dismantle and replace nonproductive components of our lives with beneficial aspects. Love is not weak nor should it be confuse with affections. Love is the cornerstone of ethics and stirs up emotions and actions but it clearly is not an affection. It is the cause not the effects. It is unconditional. Properly dispense, love will move from the heart to action. This is of course the infamous 'Golden Rule'. Love comes first then peace will inevitably follow.

In lieu of the 'Golden Rule' lies its counterpart; the 'Silver Rule'. The 'Golden Rule' instructs us on what to do while the 'Silver Rule' is based on what we can't do. It attempts to sway us with rewards for good behaviour while attempting to control us with fear for bad actions. In this system peace – a social contract - precedes love. The contract is design to maintain order through rules. A peace contract is based on concessions which consequently breeds conditional love. Its success is measured by our adherence to the conditions through rewards and punishments. The contract attempts to raise up love through enforcement. Contractual peace comes first then contractual love.

“But I say to you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which spitefully use you.” ~Luke 6:27-28

The 'Golden Rule' reaches our hearts and our moral values while the “Silver Rule' is confined to emotions and actions. Conditional love is tainted by partiality and affections. The more we are fond of an individual, the greater the odds that we will share deeper affections with that person. And that is not necessarily wrong if you understand that true love is not an affection and that it should be shared with everyone equally. Unconditional love can be tough to execute but worth its weight in gold. Never give up on anyone. True love does not!

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