Thursday, 12 July 2012

Positive can be bad and negative can be good

I want to continue with beneficial thinking. It is sad how many have accepted the idea that a negative attitude brings a disastrous outcome and needs to be avoided at all cost.
The self-proclaim gurus are big with the positive attitudes and instructs their disciples to be mindful and avoid negative thinking. It is one thing to harbour an optimistic perspective in life but to rid oneself of a negative view is fundamentally impossible. You see, positives and negatives are a inseparable guidepost needed to take action. You cannot have one without the other. They are neither bad or good but contrast markers to assist you in your decision process. It can be viewed as a life map pointing to 'where you are' and to 'what is coming at you'. Look at it as a life preview of sort depicting a favourable or non-favourable outcome.

Armed with this insight, you can now take appropriate action. For an example; let's say you're feeling good (where you are - positive) and suddenly you are facing a fast approaching vehicle seconds away from being hit (an unfavourable prospect). The negative perspective prepares your body with adrenaline in order for you to take necessary action. It concluded that a change to your current status was about to take place if appropriate action was not taken. This short-term negative outlook is beneficial. It is a survival mechanism to promote your well-being. A contrast was instantly provided to you and a decision was made. Avoiding a negative attitude in this scenario would be detrimental.

A positive moment can be just as detrimental to your well-being as a negative one.” ~Tricotomas

Sometimes avoiding an immediate pleasure or positive prospect can also be beneficial. Think of any addictions. It brings you temporary pleasures but is devastating in the long run. So in this example a person suffering from withdrawals is in a negative situation. Contrasting this negative state is a dealer who can provide his addictive client with a positive outcome – howbeit temporary. If you are strong, the prospect of this positive scenario will be avoided. Not all positives are beneficial and not all negatives are detrimental.

Furthermore, positive and negatives cannot exist without each other. As mentioned, they are coupled in order to take action. The two terms; positive and negative, are rather misleading and it would serves us better if we would see them as an acceptive or rejective response (inflating and deflating). You can be in a mildly positive situation when something better comes along and lifts you up higher. Lets say a friend comes over and lifts your spirit. Positive! And now while conversing with your friend, a close relative whom you have not seen for a while shows up unexpectedly at your door wanting you to attend a concert with him. Even better! In fact one can conclude that the first event that was trumped by the latter was demoted to a negative. The latter – a close relative, was accepted over the company of your friend. Was this a positive or a negative response? Wrong question! We should be asking whether or not our decision was a beneficial one.

Positive and negative are simply an accepting or rejecting response system to an event or stimuli. Happiness may be stirred up by any given event but it does necessarily bring lasting joy into your life. A positive moment can be just as detrimental to your well-being as a negative one. Ironically, they can also bring you long-term benefits. So think beneficially because sometime positive is bad and negative is good.

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