Sunday, 6 May 2012

Beneficial Thinking

The idea that positive thinking has exclusive rights to happiness is a great fallacy perpetuated by pop-gurus wanting people to subscribe to their beliefs. Positive and negative share a place in healthy living and they can both reap beneficial and non beneficial results.  Negativity can be beneficial if disperse in short-terms.
A 'beneficial negative' usually refers to a threat that needs an immediate course of action. A person who is about to be struck by an oncoming vehicle is placed in a negative situation. The body immediately reacts to the threat and jumps out of the way. It was the negative condition that prompted the body to take beneficial action in the first place. This negative reaction promotes health and suffice to say contentment to those surrendering to it. Alternatively, thinking positive in this situation would not have benefited the person. Positive attitudes would have failed... I'm positive that this car will not hit me... I'm positive everything is going to work out.. I'm positive that I will positively vibrate the car's negative energy away... I'm positive that the driver will stop on time. A positive solution would be rather ineffective and consequential here. Fear (negative response) is the appropriate course of action which leads to a beneficial outcome.

"Negative can be good as a positive can be bad."

A patient who faces chemotherapy is understandably apprehensive and is not thrilled or happy about the prospect. The treatment is an immediate negative. However this short term negative may hold long term benefits.

There are so many other examples of beneficial negativity... from painful needles to a proper workout, from staying home to study to being hospitalized. All share short-term negatives and long-term benefits, as well as contentment for making the initial decision to grin and bare the discomfort. The infamous half of glass of water can be both positive or negative. Not due to your perception or optimism in as much as your situation. If I have a half of glass of water at home – who cares? I won't see this situation as a negative. I won't suffer from any pessimistic attitudes. Now a half of glass of H2O in a desert requires great conservation abilities. Negativity alerted you of a potential threat and the need to conserve.

Negative can be good as a positive can be bad. Can you imagine a person with an addiction waiting for his fix? He is anticipating a positive result. He is alleviating his negative suffering with a temporary positive solution. I'm sure you can see that this person has chosen a non beneficial positive. Many seek temporary pleasures that are detrimental to their well-being.
There is a time for everything and negativity is no exception. Just ensure that your negative experience is short lived and beneficial. You will be glad you did!

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