Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pain and Pleasure

The diametrical approach to healthy thinking
You are the owner of your emotions. No one but you is responsible for them. Your emotions serve and prompt you to action. Deploy them to your advantage.

Diametric emotions such as pain and pleasure (desparity and hope) can be used in conjunction to propogate favourable results for any resolutions.
One must learn to associate intense pain (or desparity) to inertism (or lack of motivation) and then associate intense pleasure to taking action. So whenever you are not motivated to take action, for example not exercising - visualize painful (unfavourable) consequences that inertism will bring to your body such as obesity, lethargy, esthetically unappealing, lacking body strenght etc. Then visualize the pleasurable results you will achieve such as  looking good, feeling energetic, being fit - once you take action.
The greater the visualization of pain and pleasure are, (desparity and hope) the better your results will be.

Intensify the pain and pleasure center by:
1. Not suppressing your emotions but rather get them involved. Your emotions are real. Never dismiss them, and;
2. Thinking of the impact that inertism (lack of motovation) will produce over a long period of time if you don’t take action now.

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