Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Improving Your Self-Esteem / PART 5

You are what you think!

We have almost reached the end of the series on improving your self esteem. We will now focus this lesson on two important pieces on emotional well-being; your need and confrontation. Let us venture forward in faith.

No. 9 Acknowlege your needs
It is important to first recognize your own needs and to seize them. You are number one. This may sound selfish at first but if your legitimate needs are not met then everyone else suffers. Take care of yourself and immerse yourself in the higher power. Do not confuse a need with a desire. A need is long-term such as health, love, but a desire is often whimsical and serves to immediately gratify. Understanding and respecting your needs will have a positive affect on your sense of worth and well-being. Don’t be afraid, take hold of them.

No. 10 Challenge all obstacles.

Don't avoid problems, confront them. Remain steadfast in courage. Don’t waiver and complain about your obstacles. You are only serving to legitimize the hold it has on you. Remember short-term fear is okay when dealing with present threat or danger. However long-term fear lives in irrational thinking. It is anti-faith and it will neutralize sound behavior. Long-term fear paralyzes appropriate actions. It will keep you from living life to its fullest. Confront your problems. Treat them as challenges and opportunities for growth. Don’t just think about it - do it! You owe it to yourself.
There are 12 tips in this lesson. The remainder will follow soon.
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annette said...

I really enjoyed reading this.

♥~Judy~♥ said...

Fascinating topics and contents. Just curious about how much one gets paid to write.


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