Sunday, 19 June 2011

Improving Your Self-Esteem / PART 6

You are what you think! We have reached the end of the series on improving your self esteem. We will now focus on the last important piece in your emotional well-being; living in action today.

No. 11    Eliminate all the "should have".
Living in the should have is a losing proposition that promotes regret. Regret forces you to repeatedly rehash a moment in your life that brought you pain and sorrow. Never regret! Be responsible of any action you made that negatively impacted yourself as well as others. But learn from your mistake and rectify matters. The pain wont go away until you take action. Remember that a well contemplated action is the only recourse to failure or a disappointment. MOVE on and do not stew over it anymore! The past is a good place to visit but not to live in.
And the most important of them all,

No. 12     Action! High self-esteem is unobtainable without ACTION. When you take action - regardless of the result - you feel better about yourself then if you had not tried in the first place. Inertism (or lack of action) produces dissatisfaction within your heart. If a positive thought is the road to recovery, then action is its pavement.

The person inside you is emerging. You are an incredible person with an unlimited capacity for experiencing self-love and mutual-love. As your self-esteem grows, your confidence grows. You begin to walk in faith (expectation of a positive result) and you are capable of confronting obstacles.
Most importantly, high self-esteem brings harmony between your independant and your social side. You are no longer obssess with desiring the approval of others, while you feel confident to contribute to society. You have become co-independant. A perfect balance. You are making a positive contribution to yourself and ultimately to the world. You love and respect yourself and others equally.
This complete the mini-series on self esteem
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Anonymous said...

i do agree with the part that we should never live in the should have or regret because it will hinder you big time. Let go and move forward toward your new you

saintgoody said...

I am very much inspired with your blog. I agree with you that past is a good place to visit but not to live in, that's what I've learned through the years. As way back then I'm striving to gain confidence. And I absolutely agree with everything that you've said. Anyway, I'm wishing you all the best and have a great day!


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