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What is Trichotomy? Instinct & the Outer Court / Part 5

Last week I classified the human trichotomy in three segments; Instinct, Intelligence, and Intuition. I presented three scenarios with minute differences in order to address these mechanisms. Today I will focus on Instinct - the animal in us.
Instinct is driven by the need to survive through the agent of fear. Short term fear (or primitive fear) is not only positive but beneficial for our survival. Our primitive brain works hard in helping us survive. It is constantly on the ‘lookout’ for danger. Our instincts are in a high state of awareness poise to take action when needed, even if that action is to flee. Again let us take a look at a large forest fire as an example. You are walking in the forest when you smell and see intense smoke. Primitive fear is induce and your high alert status sends you fleeing the area. Healthy fear. This type of fear always prompts a reaction. There’s no reasoning involved. Reasoning would be dangerous in a situation that required immediate action. Now the problem lies when we have squewed the line between reaction and reasoning.
Now let’s take a look at long-term fear. In this emotional arena of fear, reasoning has reacted to a non-existing threat. This type of fear is stuck in a 1feedback loop from the past. There’s no apparent danger, no identifiable threats. Somehow the brain has been conditioned in perceiving the trigger as a threat. It feels like a threat, so it must be a threat. But the sad truth of the matter - it’s not. We are reliving memories that keep taunting us to this day. It leaves us to doubt our physical, emotional, and spiritual security. Our brain has become conditioned to fearing. We get in the “habit” of fear. In a long-term fear scenario, the feedback loop is created when our body has alerted our brain to a perceived trigger. We feel threatened and so the brain sends out chemicals that make our heart race. And because our heart is racing with no place to release the building energy, (because the danger cannot be identified - proper action can not be formuated) our fear escalates and our heart beats faster. This often leads to panic attacks. Long term fear comes in all forms; stress, rejection, paranoia, anxiety, regret, failure, panic, etc...Moreover, long-term fear leads to unforgiveness, especially pertaining to the individual. People find it hard to forgive themselves and consequently live in regret. Your caught in a feedback with little hope.

In relation to the outercourt.
Now this particuliar series deals with a correlation between the trichotomy of men and the biblical temple. I indicated that the three sections of the Jewish’s temple were metaphores for the tricotomic state of men. The physical, which I have classified as being the instinct, is presented as the temples’ outercourt.

Instinct (Physical) = Outercourt
The outercourt according to the Teachinghearts ™ represented 2the earth, the place where sinners lived and first participated in the plan of salvation. Daily sacrifices were offered by everyone. You must offer sacrifices to atone for your sins. Sacrifices were acts of cleansing your unforgiveness before God. And as I said earlier, long-term fear is at the heart of all your sins; fear of rejection; fear of failure; fear of death; fear of lacking. Do you measure up, are you loved or are you financially secured? They can all be problematic if you dwell on those issues. Jesus said let tomorrow worry about itself. This is a sound teaching whether you are a Christian or not! Your level of confidence in your internal resources determines your success.
Is it not amazing that instinct is about self-preservation and daily sacifices are self-sacrificial acts? They are opposite to each other. But what better place to have sacrifices then in an area abiding in unhealthy fear. Sacrifices can be seen as a tutor until faith is grounded in you. You must release your inner conflicts then you get to move on to the next door of the temple. The inner-court is a place where one releases their sins and where forgiveness is promoted.
I find it amazing that Revealtion 11:2 excludes the outercourt in the new temple. It is in fact excluding long-term fear. No long-term fear, no sin.


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