Sunday, 14 August 2011

What is Trichotomy? Intuition and the Most Holy Place / Part 7


After classifying the human trichotomy in three segments; Instinct, Intelligence, and Intuition, I proceeded in detailing the first two segments (instinct and intelligence) and correlating it respectively to the Outer Court and the Holy Place of the biblical temple.
Today we move onto the last segment called Intuition, associating it with the Most Holy Place of the temple. Intuition, which can also be referred to as the spiritual, is motivated by faith and self-sacrifice. Now if you recall fear (a negative expectation) was the driving force to Instinct. It was motivated to survive through the use of fear to hightened its emotional and physical responces. Instincts cared for itself. However Intuition is focus on others. It is self-sacrificial. It will place the interest of others first. If we witness someone in need of rescue, we intuitively feel for that person. Now you notice that I did not use the word instinct. Instinct is purely limited to self while intuition is based on the mass. There is no instinctive value in placing yourself in danger to save a stranger. That is because it is intuitive to others. We simply know it is the right thing to do. Our intuition is at work. Now we may not necessarily do the right thing because your instinct may override your intuition.
Now Apostle Paul says in Galatian 5:22-23 that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If you were to do a thorough examination of these qualities you would find that they are anti-instinctive (anti-physical). They are meant to be share directly or indirectly with others. They exist in the plurality not self-serving.

The Most Holy Place The Most Holy Place is the far room past the outer-court of the tabernacle. In Jewish tradition only the High Priests was permitted to enter into this sacred room and only once a year. A man or priest could not trespass into the sacred area. Apostle Paul says that the physical and the spiritual are opposite to each other. They cannot understand each other. Only a Mediator could reconcile and joined the two rooms. Spiritually this Mediator is Jesus. Physically, we are talking about our will and intellect. There must be balance of the two extremities. Faith (spritual) without works (physical) is dead. The Holy Place as well as your Intelligence are places of comteplation and meditation. It bridges the physical and the spiritual. Fear cannot enter the Most Holy Place. Faith resides here.

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