Thursday, 2 June 2011

Improving Your Self-Esteem / PART 2

You are what you think! Last week we started our inner journey to self-improvement by explaining that we are either motivated by fear or motivated by faith. Now looking at the definition of fear we see that this trait anticipates a negative outcome. This is advantageous only when we avoid immediate danger. Fear is intended to be a short-lived emotion to a response of pending threat, ie;  such as stepping out from on-comming traffic. It kick starts an action to flee from the immediate event. Once the threat is over, fear leaves. However long-term fear (such as worry) is detrimental to your well-being and plays havoc to your self-esteem.  Lets continue with our lesson in self-esteem.

No. 3   Confront perfectionism.
Confront perfectionism and see it for what it is - a negative expectation. This is long-term fear that leaves you wanting more. Unsatisfied, you will surrender to the feelings of failure. You are not a failure! Take a realistic approach on life and you will accomplish your goals.

No. 4   Surround yourself in a positive entourage
Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. When you are surrounded by negative people who promotes long-term fear and constantly put you down, your self-esteem will be negatively impacted. A positive social network of friends is a must.

There are 12 tips in this lesson. The remainder will follow soon.
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Anonymous said...

Fear in my life has lead me in making some poor decision. I'm taking steps to rectify my bad habbits. I'll be watching your posts.


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