Sunday, 18 March 2012

God's Love Superseded His Creation.

Love, the most misunderstood concept of them all. As previously noted, love is not an emotion but the cause of affections. It was the event that prompted you in extending your grace to someone in the first place. It was generated by your deep conviction regardless of the affections that were inevitably produced after-the-fact.

The recipient of your love would have acknowledge your generosity through emotions and actions, but they are clearly after the cause.

It has been often said that love must
have superseded God's creation.

Love is rooted in your moral beliefs. It is offered equally (or should be) amongst each person. It does not come in a variety of flavours as many subscribe to. Rather it is responsible for a myriad of affections that were rationalized and emotionalized by your thoughts and subsequently demonstrated by your actions. But the inescapable truth remains; your value of compassion initialized the entourage of affections and actions.

Imagine a severe storm headed over your town. I'm quite sure that you will concur that a storm is neither an emotion or an action but a weather phenomenon. However this event will produce an entourage of emotions and actions experienced by every individual. Everyone is different and will have their own perception of the storm. Love works the same way. Your inner-being applies its golden rule upon your people. This sets a chain reaction of emotions and actions offered up by each recipient. You can control your outgoing message of love but you cannot control how it is going to be interpreted. Once love has been properly deployed, peace will follow.

How do we define love? Your definition will dictate the quality of relationship you have. Is true-love about giving and taking? And is the 'golden rule' functional? The answers may surprise you. Will continue the love message on the next blog.
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