Sunday, 25 March 2012

Emotional Home Keys

Living on the crest of an emotional wave is disastrous to inner-peace. Now the key word here is 'living' and not to be misconstrued with a short-term visit. Life throws all manner of pandemonium at us whether beneficial or not. We all have our proverbial 'ups and downs' but we have learned to cope with these events and sooner rather then later we move on.

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However some people have greater difficulty levelling off because their emotional home-keys are set at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Your emotional home keys are where your predominant emotional state lies. Most people have set their home-keys at the middle or neutral ground of of this so called wave. Reasoning propagates efficiently at this level. However some people have their home-keys set on depression and/or elation. Reasoning becomes a monumental undertaking.

A person suffering from depression have become desensitize to low to medium intensity emotions such as happiness and requires a bigger kick. Satisfaction can only be quenched by bliss. The opposite can be said to one who lives in elation. One would appear unaffected by low to medium impact emotions such as sadness and requires a traumatic event before the person relinquish any grief. One has become emotionally numb.

An emotion engages a person to take direct or indirect action. Someone who lives on a crest of an emotional wave has the tendency to over-compensate and will often produce non-beneficial results. An elated person has the inclination to overstate their actions while a depressed person tend to fall into inertism. Rational judgement cannot be made in this state. Is it any wonder why we should not engage in decision-making while in an extreme emotional state?

We must learn to take effective and reasonable action at the time of an event. To delay can suppress an appropriate and measured response. One risk the possibility of interchanging functional behaviour with maladaptive behaviour.

Deal with your emotions as they arise. Disperse them with appropriate action.

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