Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Golden Rule

The 'Golden Rule' promotes edification through a spiritual state, while social contract advocates mutual well-being through the letter of the law.
In other words, law and punishment drives the social contract while love kindles the 'Golden Rule' . You must be aware of the contrast of good and evil while working within the parameter of social contract. It can be argued that the infamous Adam and Eve originally walked in the Spirit with God and were not aware of this contrast of good and evil, until the moment they chose to surrender to the forbidden diametric knowledge. Their action condemned them into a state of social contract forgoing the 'Golden Rule'  principal. Order had to be restore at some level.

A planet without laws would be chaotic but only because People don't  understand the Golden Rule .” Tricotomas
Legal contract in general is an attempt to maintain the public's interest by deterring selfish acts. Adam and Eve were swayed into this snare and consequently 'fell' into a self-sabotage state of reward and punishment. Punishment breeds fear and drives the social contract into existence. The moment control through fear is removed from the equation you will unquestionably incite pandemonium. A planet without laws would be chaotic but only because people don't  understand the golden rule. Yes everything would be resolved if everyone were disciples of the 'Golden Rule'.
This rule is fortified with love promoting stability and peace. It flourishes on the principal that 'one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.' But let us not forget the first part of the golden rule; First love God with all your heart, strenght, and soul. Everybody serves a god. Whether it is drugs, sex, work or capital 'G' God, everyone submits their lives to something. Now is your 'something' promoting love, edification of others, and life. Or is it advocating self-interest and division. Every time one fails to forgive, one fails to love. Unforgiveness seeks retribution as a viable solution.The 'Golden Rule' has no room for retribution because hate and self-interest are never promoted. Also true-love will always right itself. The 'Golden Rule' elaborates the need to love yourself and then others. You must therefore be grounded in the single domain of love. People make appropriate and edifying choices through the highest standard of goodwill. The 'Golden Rule' dwells in true-love and stands on its own. It intuitively operates in edification.
Think about it for a moment. Would it be possible for you to physically hurt your love ones? Do you require a written law to warn you of the pending consequence you would face if you decide to harm your love ones? I'm not referring about your neighbour or another person. I'm asking you and you alone. Of course not! It is not in you to see this evil take place, therefore your thoughts remains steadfast in love. No social contract is needed here. On the other hand social contract is founded on good and evil, or reward and punishment principal. The followers of this principal must not only be aware of the antagonistic dual but must also labour in conforming to regulations. This will be the consequences of my choices. If you walk in the 'Golden Rule' there can be no consequences to imagine because the thought of harming or doing wrong are alien to you.
Walk in the spirit of truth and love.
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