Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Love-Front

I remember growing up how my mother dreaded thunderstorms. As the electrical tempest approached, my mother would instruct us to shut the windows, unplug all appliances (which included the television), and lite the holy candles for protection.
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As flashes of lightning lit up the house, she would instinctively cover her ears for the inevitable sound of thunder. My loving mother would then stoop her head down as the tumultuous sound shook her being. My father on the other-hand was quite amused by the entire matter and would often mimic the sound of thunder – much to my mother's disapproval. Today my siblings and I have drawn from our parental quarks and we hold various views of storms.

It is interesting how people respond differently to a storm. We experience the same storm but hold a myriad of emotions, actions and preconceive ideas. I'm certain that you would agree with me that a storm is not an emotion nor is it an action. The storm is just one event that is experienced in various ways by people. It is a meteorological phenomenon able to summon many feelings. Which leads to the point of topic; love.

Love is not an emotion or an action. It is a state of well-being, a core value. This moral belief is your love-front. It will stir people's feelings, actions, and results. Although the cause (love) is the same from person to person, it will bring-forth an entourage of affections. Our love for everyone should be the same but its entourage of affections and actions will carry many shades. Love is an agreement of faith to honourably commit to the well-being and edification of every person without partiality and without limitations. Is your love-front capable of stirring many?

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