Sunday, 18 September 2011

What is Trichotomy? The Facilitator / Part 10

It has been my goal in the last few months to harmonize the threefold nature of man through a Christian and a humanistic perspective. I stated that understanding our makeup is an essential first step to a successful and productive life. I have been examining the segments of the trichotomy with some details. The first 'In" of the threefold is called Instinctive. In my last blog I had listed numerous traits affiliated with Instincts. Today I will focus on the second ‘In’ - Intelligence. Some may say that we are living proof that there’s no intelligence life in the universe, however I digress. Our central filter; the intelligence which can also be refered as our soul, has an amazing purpose. But before I share this purpose, I am fully aware that many believe that men are divided in two segments and not three as I and many others claim. They break it down to two parts; the animal (instinctive creature) and the celestrial (high moral creature). The names may vary but they are essentially the same. All that really matters is that they believe that there’s two parts (dichotomy) to man.

"Can we trust the physical to
make a moral decision? Can
we trust the spiritual to
surrender to an instinct?"

Let me tell you my problem with dichotomy; it’s wrong! If we are govern by two sides which one leads and which one ‘stands down’. Which sides determines the outcome. And would not this unilateral arrangement favour a side? How can we strive for harmony and balance between the physical and spiritual when one side holds veto power? Can we trust the physical to make a moral decision? Can we trust the spiritual to surrender to an instinct? It is obvious that we need a middle ground, a center which can reason both sides. We need a facilitator.

The main function of our Inteligent Centre is to reason and initiate action. Our intelligence centre is home to reasoning, emotions, and actions. We assess a situation and the intensity of the associated emotion prompts you into action. Of course action is predominantly a physical trait but it originated in your intelligence.

Mutual Preservation

Survival is allocated to all

Reasons / Common Sense

Receives info/stimulus, evaluates and takes logical action.


Driven to resolve

Facts / information

Influenced by facts

Singularity / Plurality

About 'US'. Not to be confuse with 'them'.

Inter-Reliant / Co-independent

Able to work independently and co-cooperatively with others


Able to associate and be reclusive


Harmonizes both Physical and Spiritual


 Decision making


Prompts Action

Intelligent Intellectual creature

Without the intellectual side to man, chaos would reign. We experience this calamity when we permit our good judgement to solely fall on the physical or the spiritual. Indulging solely on the physical leads to selfishness and disassociative behavior. Likewise, indulging solely on the spiritual can leads to dependency, losing our sense of individualism. Even scriptures warns us that faith without works is dead. Faith is the nemesis to fear. Faith dwells in the plurality while fear is limited to oneself. Faith is found in the Spiritual. Next blog will deal with faith along with love and peace. Love is not an emotion nor is it governed by your intelligence. Love influences your intelligence. Our intellectual parimater becomes tainted when we over-indulged in the physical or the spiritual.

We must let our intelligence do what it was assign to carry out; facilitate, collate, evaluate, and initiate.

"Yahweh God formed man from the dust of the ground,[Physical - my emphasis] and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life[spiritual - my emphasis]; and man became a living soul." [Mental - my emphasis]-Genesis 2:7

We will continue with the dynamic of these traits on the next blog.

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