Sunday, 4 September 2011

What is Trichotomy? The Animal in Us / Part 9

As promised, I will now examined each segment of the trichotomy with greater details. The first 'In" of the threefold is called Intuition. In my last blog I had listed numerous traits for every segment. Today, however I will focus on the right side of the table - the physical.

Survival / Self Preservation

Survival is limited to oneself or self-interest (kin)

5 Senses

See - hear -smell - taste - feel ( neurological-network) Instinctive

Pleasure / Pain Driven 

Top and bottom - no in between. Safe or unsafe. Good or bad. Fight or flight. 


Short-term fear (reacting and not contemplative) Primitive emotion - not a true emotion.
All animals have this type of fear. However contemplative fear is another story.


All about "ME"


Seek no assistance. Managing on their own


Tends to lead and rebel


Leaves his/her signature of life on everything. Everything must be about him. Ego-centric to perfectionism


Recluse / Hermit - seek no socialization.


Serves one cause - himself.


Primitive creature

Without the mental or the spiritual, we are reduced to a primitive creature. We must be properly balance in the trichotomy but as humans we experience pitfalls from time to time. This does not negate responsibility of our actions.

It happens to most of us at one time or another. An incident arises where we are placed in a crossroad between a physical and a spiritual path, and we willingly opt for the primitive and animalistic way. A decision to engage in solely in the physical became very appealing to us, losing sight of any ramifications. The mental and the spiritual sides were not consulted, resulting in a selfish act.

‘...but we are greater then the sum of our body parts.’

Don’t get me wrong, the physical side in us has a place in our lives such as leadership abilities and self-reliance. You cannot dismiss its strength. But without balance, a person that is in a purely physical behavior tends to be selfish, rebellious, and dis-associative. Of course we are clearly referring to extremism, a person enveloped by his or her primitive instincts. In the heat of a moment, it’s difficult for many to contemplate sound action which unfortunately leads to a less then harmonious state. When the animal inside of us flares up, it becomes problematic.
We must walk on the tightrope of life. On the surface we may appear to be animal-like but we are greater then the sum of our body parts. The physical is but one important part of the trichotomy

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