Saturday, 21 May 2011

Harmony - A Co-Independant State

Harmony is about balance. Its the balance between your needs and their (society) needs. Individualism and collectivism are problematic states when experienced seperately. Although they respectively have strong qualities, apart they promote instability. Individualism can breed rebellion to strong leadership skills. While collectivism can promote dependancy (cult syndrome) to cooperation.

The importance of collectivism and individulism in concert cannot be overstated.
It is our individualism that warns us that a particular cultural standard is below par. Just as collectivsm guides the individual to acceptable standards. When society says that teenage sex is acceptable, individuals can voice their opinion against it. When the individuals saturate themselves into sexual immorality, society steps up to the plate and present alternatives.
I believe that a healthy person can be define as being both self-aware and mutually aware (physically and spiritually).
We are a social network of individuals. We are co-independant. Both individualism and collectivism in unison, should be viewed as a balance and check system.

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